History of Munsingwear®  

Many years ago, in an era of martinis, moguls, movie stars and mavericks, a legend was born. Seen on the greatest golf courses in the world, worn by celebrities and U.S. Presidents alike, Munsingwear catapulted onto the scene. The first logoed golf shirt. The first high-performance apparel. The golf shirt that turned a leisurely hobby into the gentleman's sport we know and love today.

Munsingwear was thrust into the spotlight - the first branded golf shirt on tour. It became an instant name brand – known, sought and bought by everyone from professional golfers to household suburbanites. It launched the golf apparel business - a pioneer, a forerunner, a technological leader - forging an entire industry and paving the way for other brands to follow in its footsteps.

Modernized for our fast paced world, the most innovative line of its time continues to be so today. Over 100 years old and still going strong. A historic name brand, delivering quality at a great value. Top-notch performance features, deep inventory, unparalleled comfort and technical construction, Munsingwear is time-tested and consumer-approved generation after generation.

Munsingwear. Doesn't your company deserve the most trusted name in golf apparel?

1886 George Munsing launches the company
1891 Patented the Union Suit (produced for 80 years.)
WWII Created anti-gravity suits for U.S. Navy and Air Force.
1951 The first American company to embroider a logo on shirt chest.
1955 Patented the "Underarm 1955 Gusset" for a full golf swing.
1958 Munsingwear sponsors the Pro Bowler's Association.
1962 Enters the space age. Developed 1962 the Gemini spacesuit material.
1975 Oleg Cassini creates the Munsingwear tennis line.
1992 Acquired by powerhouse 1992 Supreme International.
2002 Munsingwear re-introduces 2002 a full line of men's apparel.